By Road

There are many different buses which travel directly to Sarande from other cities in Albania and locations in the neighboring countries.

Via SH8, the road that runs along the Albanian coast
Via the road leading north from Konispol (a town close to the Southern border with Greece)
Via SH4, the road leading west from Kakavia (Kakavia is a border town which lies on the South-Eastern Greek-Albanian border)

By Boat:

Saranda can be reached directly from Corfu (Greek "Kerkyra") via a hydrofoil ferry.

By Road

Saranda Waterfront Image

Be prepared for bumpy and windy roads when traveling inside Albania, especially when going to the more remote areas. If you normally experience motion sickness, be prepared to take any medications you might normally take for a boat ride.

Albania shares borders with Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Greece. New roads are being constructed all the time, and therefore the ease of travel by car in Albania has improved dramatically just within the last few years and should continue to get better. Often entry fees are small or even nonexistent. You should check with your local Albanian embassy on whether you will need a visa before arrival, but the citizens of most countries do not.

You can enter Albania by bus via the following foreign cities:

  • Istanbul, Turkey (20 hr)
  • Athens, Greece (12 hr)
  • Sofia, Bulgaria (22 hr)
  • Tetovo, Rep. of Macedonia (7 hr)
  • Prishtina, Kosovo (5 hr)

A very common way to travel around Albania is by passenger vans called “furgons”. This is an inexpensive and flexible way to travel, the driver will make stops along the way according to passenger request, and will bring you where you exactly where you need to go upon arrival in the destination city. For an entertaining and accurate depiction of furgons, visit a post from the blog of Chelsi West.

There are larger buses which travel between the larger cities of Albania, to travel on one of these buses the best way to find information is likely to ask around when you arrive in your destination city.

By Plane:

Several different airlines fly to "Mother Teresa" Tirana International Airport, including the following listed below. You can also visit the website for the airport for additional information at

By Boat:

By Train:

You cannot travel to Albania by train, but once inside the country there are a few scenic and inexpensive trains available, though they are known for being quite “rustic” - don’t expect it to be a first-class train ride.

There are trains which travel multiple times per day ( roundtrip ) between the following cities, but its best to check for the schedule locally when you arrive:

  • Tiranë to Durrës
  • Tiranë to Durrës to Vorë to Milot to Shkodër
  • Tiranë to Durrës to Rrogozhinë to Elbasan to Pogradec to Lushnjë to Fier to Vlorë

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