Sarande has a typical Mediterranean climate, very similar to that of coastal Greece and Italy. Summer-like temperatures extend into September and October, making these months an attractive time to visit since prices will be lower and the beaches will be less crowded.

13 degrees - 17 degrees C during the winter (about 55 - 65 F)

23 degrees - 31 degrees C during the summer (about 75 - 88 F)


You can pay for pretty much anything using either Albanian LEK or Euros. Albania is slow to modernize when it comes to using credit and debit cards, so make sure to bring enough cash and traveller’s checks for your stay.


In general, the roads in Albania are in very poor condition. This is why most of the Albanians drive old Mercedes, at some point they discovered this is the only type of car which can withstand the constant jarring of rocks and potholes.

* It is not advised to drive at night.


Overall there is not too much crime against foreigners, since it is viewed as risky. Vehicle theft one of the most common crimes - be mindful of this if traveling with a car In general, take same safety precautions as you would anywhere else.

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