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Saranda has some great hotels with pretty decent prices, many are located right next to the boardwalk and are just a short walk away from the beach. If you are able to book in advance, try to request a room with a balcony that looks out onto the Ionian Sea.

We recommend checking out Trip Advisor’s list of the top hotels in Saranda, in order to get the best value for your money, and to know what to expect.



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Hostels in Sarande are affordable and get great reviews. Below are a few of the options:

Hairy Lemon Hostels
Tel: +355 069 88 99 196


Backpackers SR
Tel: +355 6943 45426


Beni's Place
Vila Et'Hem Fezga
122 Rruga Mitat Hoxha
Tel: +355 (0)6987 51738


Tani's Bar & Guesthouse
Ksamil, 100 m off the road to Butrint, Sarande, Albania's Bar & Guesthouse



Camping in Saranda

Many people camp out on secluded beaches along the road from Sarande to Dhermi. If you are interested in a more established campsite with facilities for bathing and cooking, see one of the sites below:

Lists some campgrounds along the coastline between Sarande and Vlore, for a list of a few, check out the site (although it mostly includes only the names of the campgrounds and perhaps an e-mail address).


Official Website of Albanian Tourism information on one campground near Dhermi -


A campground in Himare.

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