BUTRINT Image of the ancient city of Butrint

Butrint is described as a microcosm of European history since it exhibits remains from most major empires of the area, including Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman ruins. Information about

THE BLUE EYE Image of the Blue Eye Spring

This natural, deep spring embodies the clear, vibrant blue color which is seen in many of Albania’s water bodies. The way in which the water bubbles up to the surface helps create the illusion of an eye, with the

KSAMIL Image of the town of Ksamil

In order to really enjoy swimming and sunbathing while in Sarandë, it is really necessary to spend at least a day in Ksamil. There are a few beaches from which it is even possible to swim to one of the nearby islands.

ALBANIA Image of a sunset in Albania

Albanians are descended from a tribe of people called Illyrians, who came to the Balkans around 2000 BC. Until the mid-20th century, Albania was mostly controlled by successive foreign powers.

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